My husband, a retired Phoenix fire fighter of 30 years and I retired in Puerto Peñasco nearly 6 years ago. We came to live the Dream. As many of us know, life can often make a left turn without our permission.
If I were told 6 years ago that I would be back in Real estate again, I would have had a good laugh. 

What happened? I bought a property from a Real estate franchise and built our dream home. So far so good. But when it came time to get the title for our home (Bank Trust-Fideicomiso) it was not so good.

I soon found out this was an issue and many buyers were in the same situation as we were. I started a movement for our community to obtain titles to our homes. 

During this journey, I met many city and government officials who were willing to help and they have also made it their goal, in addition to mine, to get titles to the properties owned by foreigners.

I was willing to help the cause for free, then find that to do so would require following laws and get licensed. All for everyone's protection.

This was my inspiration, being able to participate at the start of a transaction, to help avoid title problems for my clients. 

Real estate agents are the first contact to buying or selling properties in Mexico, and we wanted to be that company.  Buying and selling real estate in Mexico is not the same as in the States. We use alot of the same terms but the process has many more layers to it . Property ownership is changing in Mexico for the good, and it is the right time to invest in your dream. If you are lucky enough to live on the ocean, then you are lucky enough.

At the present time, I am still helping and creating a pathway for the people in my community to get their titles, while "living the dream".

Services we offer: 

Real Estate
Bank trust services
FMM - Visa 
Tax liens
Beach concessions
Federal zone issues
Bill paying
Retiring to Mexico packages


Our brokerage has more than 30 years experience in Real estate and customer service.

We have MLS service in Arizona and other parts of Mexico that are not available to all agents in Puerto Peñasco.